3 @ 3: Autumn Knitwear

I want to try a new feature on my blog where I show 3 things – could be new buys, things in my house, foods, books, anything really! And to fit in with the 3 @ 3, I’ll always post the blog at 3pm. Simple!

To kick off the new feature, I’ve gone for two things I absolutely adore – Autumn and knitwear! I love it when it gets cooler and I can snuggle up in cosy jumpers and cardigans. I bought all three of these yesterday and they are all from Primark, so they should still be available if you wanted them yourself!


Excuse Lola in the background cuddled on my bed! This one is a deep rust colour so really Autumnal. It’s not too thick so perfect for the in-betweeny days where it’s not completely cold. It’s oversized too, so a great cover up.



This is probably my favourite buy from today. It’s got “winter jumper” written all over it! It’s thick, it’s roll neck and it’s got multi-coloured dots over it. Winner!



This was the cheapest of all the purchases but it feels super quality – really soft material which makes it snuggly. It has pretty bell sleeves on it as well which makes it look more unique than a standard jumper. And, again, not too thick which means you can take it through winter and beyond.


That was my first 3 @ 3. See you again for more soon!

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