Budget Buys Pt.2

This is a follow on from my previous post where I shared some of my favourite bargain buys from budget stores. Those were mainly for decorative purposes and I’ve decided to share some more recent buys which are more for practical purposes. I think they prove that practical can sometimes mean pretty too!

1. Large storage baskets – The Range (£6.99 each)

The story behind these is that my airing cupboard was driving me UP THE WALL. I’m a bedding fiend and it was just shoved in, no order, creased and hard to find anything. I bought four of these to start with and they’ve brought some much needed order! For size reference, I can fit two sets of king size bedding into each.


2. Photo Albums – B&M (I think they were about £3 each)

I invested in a Polaroid camera for our wedding and have used it several times since for special occasions. I wanted somewhere to organise and display our photographs so I couldn’t resist these beautiful photo albums. They sit pretty on a shelf in our conservatory and I find I do look through them from time to time if I want a smile.


3. Copper Mason Jar – B&M (4.99)

My husband drinks vitamin shakes most days and the enormous sack of powder sat on the kitchen side didn’t cut it. I bought this large mason jar to decanter it into and doesn’t it just look so much better?!


4. Black & Decker dustbuster – B&M – (£29.99)

As we’ve come into summer and Lola is growing up, she’s started to shed a crazy amount. I was finding myself having to unravel the hoover cord and hoover multiple times a day if I had any chance of keeping the house a fur-free zone. I saw this and it’s literally one of my favourite buys this year (how exciting life gets as you hit mid 20s). Its light, powerful and easy to empty. It means I quickly pick it up and whip around the floor and tricky bits with it with minimal effort. Win!



Thank you again for reading! Are there any budget stores you love that you would recommend? Please share in the comments.

Love KH xxxx

Budget Buys.

If you’re anything like me, you spend hours and hours trawling through Pinterest, looking at amazing home interior ideas and letting your inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen run free (remember him, avec Changing Rooms? I’m such a 90s child). The trouble is, once I’ve used up all the time I should have been spending on housework or something else menial but necessary, I realise these interior dreams are just that: dreams. Because, I do not have an unlimited supply of money. And unfortunately, almost all of my dream designs cost a lot of dollar.

However, there are ways around this. So I won’t have the whole look, but I can try to add in select pieces that will add a vibe or a theme I’ve seen and love. Some of my favourite stores to shop in for this happen to be budget stores (which is rather handy). My faves would have to be B&M, Wilkos and The Range. Sometimes you do have to sift through to find something you like but, generally, I think the products they offer are incredible value and very rarely truly reflect the price.

I’ve decided to share five of my favourite buys from recent shopping trips. These were all within the past month so it’s highly likely they’re still available!

  1. Hello sign – B&M (think it was about £2.99)

I loved this as it brings a bit of quirk into the living room. The colour scheme for this room is very neutral so adding the pop of pink was a winner as well.


2. Lampshade – B&M (£6.99)

It’s taken me 6 months of living in our new house for me to actually buy a lampshade because, so long as we had light, it stayed bottom of the list! I was in B&M with my brother and he bought one, which jogged my memory and I picked up two of these for both bedrooms. I love the colour scheme and the mustard yellow adds some colour into our mainly grey bedroom.


3. Decorative Wall Art – The Range (£10.99)

I loved this as soon as I saw it on the website. It’s about A1 size and comes in a chunky frame., so good value for money.


4. Faux Succulents – B&M (£1.00 each)

These are adorable and bring colour to any room. I currently have some in the conservatory, on the kitchen windowsill, one in the bedroom and two in the spare room! At a ridiculous price, I couldn’t resist!


5. Photo Frames – B&M (various prices)

I decided to do a photo gallery going up our stairs after receiving beautiful iron lettering of our names as a wedding present. I thought photos would look lovely around it. I love the B&M black and white frames as they come in different sizes (both photo and frame) so it adds a different aesthetic. They do packs of 3 starting from £3.99.


Thank you so much for reading! My next post is going to be another bargain buys, but more for practical items rather than decorative.

Love KH xxxx