3 @ 3: Autumn Knitwear

I want to try a new feature on my blog where I show 3 things – could be new buys, things in my house, foods, books, anything really! And to fit in with the 3 @ 3, I’ll always post the blog at 3pm. Simple!

To kick off the new feature, I’ve gone for two things I absolutely adore – Autumn and knitwear! I love it when it gets cooler and I can snuggle up in cosy jumpers and cardigans. I bought all three of these yesterday and they are all from Primark, so they should still be available if you wanted them yourself!


Excuse Lola in the background cuddled on my bed! This one is a deep rust colour so really Autumnal. It’s not too thick so perfect for the in-betweeny days where it’s not completely cold. It’s oversized too, so a great cover up.



This is probably my favourite buy from today. It’s got “winter jumper” written all over it! It’s thick, it’s roll neck and it’s got multi-coloured dots over it. Winner!



This was the cheapest of all the purchases but it feels super quality – really soft material which makes it snuggly. It has pretty bell sleeves on it as well which makes it look more unique than a standard jumper. And, again, not too thick which means you can take it through winter and beyond.


That was my first 3 @ 3. See you again for more soon!

May Favourites

I love reading “favourites” blogs – seeing things people have been loving watching/wearing/reading/eating. There’s so many things I’ve been loving throughout May and so I thought it was my turn to share. You’ll have to excuse the fact it’s quite an eclectic mix!

First up, we have a book I’ve been loving. Reading has always been a complete passion of mine. I can remember being 7 years old and going to the local library every Saturday, taking out the maximum allowance of 10 books and reading them all that week, only to go back and swap for 10 more the following weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury of time anymore, so reading is generally reserved for the ten minutes in bed before my eyes start to droop and the words go blurry (or before my sleepy husband says he wants the light off…must invest in a reading light!) In a good month, I may manage to finish a book. This one is by Jill Mansell and is called “This Could Change Everything.” I like books with lots of characters and different narratives as it keeps me interested. This one ticks that box!


Next, onto clothes. I’m obsessed with finding comfortable clothes for work which not only look nice but that I can easily work in. My day job is quite active so it has to be comfy! One of the brands I have been absolutely loving for workwear-turned-casualwear is Popsy. They’re a small business who hand-sew all their dresses and their designs are adorable. The quality is so high and they’re so individual and different. Being a taller girl, I struggle to find dresses that have an appropriate length for work but these fit the bill perfectly. Plus – this is the best bit – THEY HAVE POCKETS!!!! This is the first Popsy dress I bought with an adorable sausage dog print but I’ve bought 6 more since then! Find them at http://www.popsyclothing.co.uk


My next favourite is more of a hobby I’ve been loving. Sketching is something I never really did up until a few years ago. I started doing it because I needed something to occupy my mind when all it wanted to do was jump from thought and thought and never settle. It made me really focus as it’s not something that comes naturally to me and I have to concentrate hard. I look for inspiration on Pinterest and just go from there! I even have an Instagram account dedicated to my sketches (@katesketchings) if you wanted to go check out more. Again, it’s not something I make much time for anymore but I started picking up a pencil again this month and I love it! In the picture are some sketches I framed and put up in our bedroom as I wanted to celebrate and be proud of my work (and it fit with our colour scheme!)


I couldn’t do a favourites post without including food as it is one of my true loves. Nothing healthy but…When we treat ourselves to pancakes some weekends, I’m all about the Nutella. However, I decided to cheat on it last month and bought Cadbury’s chocolate spread instead. Oh. My. God. It was amazing. Literally tasted like a bar of Cadburys, except it was melted and smeared all over my pancake. I’ve also found myself having a cheeky spoonful here and there. Would be rude not to…


My final May favourite doesn’t have a photo, nor is it a new favourite of mine but it had to be mentioned. Since James Corden’s absolute bomb drop of an announcement that Gavin and Stacey was coming back for a Christmas special, we’ve been re-watching the series from start to finish. It’s something we’ve always put on if we need cheering up or there’s nothing on (quite often) but we’ve properly watched it all the way through again. Yes, I can quote it word for word. No, I’m not ashamed.

And that’s it for my May favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading what I’ve been loving over the past month! As I said, I love reading other people’s favourites so if you have any links to other blog posts, let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thank you so much for joining me again!

Love KH xxxxxx

A Cornish Wife’s Tale Begins

Welcome to this blog; my new, personal, little space on the Internet. Everyone’s welcome – unless you’re an unkind, unpleasant human being. Then you can politely go away 🙂

I love being creative and being productive and what better way to do that than jump on the blogging bandwagon? I started blogging about six years ago at university but that was mainly about my day job and I kinda’ want to write about things a little more personal to me. It’s not that I no longer find my job interesting – I do – I just want to share other things which are important in my life.

It’s going to be a real mixture of topics: home decor, food, mental health, exercise, hobbies, trips out and my beautiful home county of Cornwall, my puppy Lola, fashion, books – anything I’m into at any one time and am finding interesting! They may be longer, chatty posts or shorter, to-the-point posts. I’m just looking forward to creating a trail of memories and discussions about topics I’m interested in and hoping to connect and share with lots of people along the way!

Any advice on blogging and WordPress in particular is most welcome but other than that, please come and say hey! I can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Love KH xxxxxxx